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Item Information

Items in the "Item" tab vary depending on the time of day the stage you're on is, while "Item2" is based on the stages weather and random chance. Items in store 2 trickle in over time.

Item costs
Item Cost
Mouth Zipper 60
Tension Potion (S), Capture Soldier, Scarecrow 80
Dispel, Anti-Type Rods 100
Life Potion (S) 110
Heavy Feet, Rapid Fire 120
Capture Cannon, P-Drive 150
Healing Rod, Bomb, Landmine 180
Life Potion (L), Tension Potion (L), Stun Grenade 200
S-Drive, Resurrection 300
Elixir 450
Item effects
Item Effect
Life Potion (S) Slightly recovers HP
Life Potion (L) Massively restores Master and surrounding allies
Tension Potion (S) Slightly restores Tension
Tension Potion (L) Massively restores Tension
Elixir Restores recovers HP and Tension
Resurrection Revives self after Critical Down
Dispel Cancel status effects, damage enemies
Capture Cannon Makes nearby capture units invincible and they chase after a Ghost
Healing Rod Gradually restores HP of nearby allies
P-Drive Raises defense of nearby allies in exchange for attack power
S-Drive Raises damage of allies
Anti-Melee Rod Weakens nearby Melee-type enemies
Anti-Armor Rod Weakens nearby Armored-type enemies
Anti-Mobile Rod Weakens nearby Mobile-type enemies
Mouth Zipper On hit, seals skills and items
Stun Grenade Low-power AoE that stuns enemies
Bomb High-power explosive
Landmine A bomb you can set down; only goes off on Masters
Heavy Feet Projectile; on hit, slows enemy
Rapid fire Shoots multiple fast projectiles
Capture Soldier Spawn one capture unit to attack
Banana Trips opponent
Scarecrow Draws attention of Servants.

Item Strategy


This is the most important item in game by far. It is available in every weather and a must buy in almost every battle.

  • The only counter to many powerful items, including bananas and heavy feet.
  • The only counter to some skills, such as Crimson Jacket, Raven's slow skill, and any Minion Summons.

Powerful Items

Here are the most powerful items in game. If you are a newer player you should try and be familiar with these first.

  • Anti-Rods - The debuff given by these items is insane. Lets you clear even the most tanky units in seconds.
  • Rapid Fire - Comes out almost instantly and gives you a ton of plus frames. MC it for even more. On block starts pressure and starts a combo on hit.
  • Bomb - Unblockable huge AoE for big damage. Incredible for fighting large groups of servants and very good vs masters too.
  • Capture Cannon - Use on a capture units for huge damage to their MGs barrier. Amazing for pushing.
  • Banana - Can be used as a reversal. Knocks down enemy master for a huge amount of time. Good for stalling during big fights or escaping.
  • Health Potions - Gives you a good amount of health after a short animation. The large health potion affects nearby servants too.
  • Tension Potions - Gives you a good amount of Tension. On the same cooldown as Health Potions. Relativly cheap for high impact, given how much damage can be avoided with burst or done with specials, Skills, Overdrive, & Modern Cancel.
  • Resurrection - Brings you back to life. There is a exploit where you can sell the Resurrection item as it is being used to get the mana back while keeping the effect.

Bad Items

Only one item is generally considered bad

  • Capture Soldier - Spawns at your masterghost and does nothing if there's not any servants there. Probably better to use mana for servants you can move later in most situations

The other items are all strong, don't ignore them just because they are not mentioned here.


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