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This page is for a prior version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax!
This page covers content from P4AU 1.1, which is NOT the most recent revision of the game.
The version of the game released on modern consoles with rollback netcode is P4U2R.
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Yukiko Amagi
P4U Yukiko Portrait.png

Health: 8,500

Combo Rate: 70%

Persona Cards: 5

Backdash Time: 23

Backdash Invincibility: 1-6

Movement Options: 1 Double Jump/Airdash, Dash type: Run

  • All Jumps have 3F prejump, can not input any commands for the first 2 airborne frames, and have blocking disabled for the first 5 airborne frames
  • All air backdashes are invincible 1-5F


P-1 Climax Nickname': 難攻不落の「黒」雪姫 (The Unconquerable Snow-Black)
Persona: Konohana-Sakuya
Arcana: The Priestess
Backstory: A beautiful young girl who is the heiress and upcoming manager at Inaba's historical and famous inn, the Amagi Inn. As part of the Investigation Team, while she and her friends began a journey for truth and justice, Yukiko's journey for self-improvement began as well, and to this day she vows to become stronger for the sake of protecting everything she holds dear: her family, the staff at the inn, her friends, and Inaba itself in all of its entirety. Just a few days after the incident of the P-1 Grand Prix, Yukiko and her friends find the town of Inaba immersed in a red fog and a mysterious tower where the school used to be. Can Yukiko reach her friends and discover the truth behind these mysteries before it's too late? The bell for the P-1 Climax has rung...!


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great zoning capabilities, many different projectiles to use.
  • Fire Break and 2D gives her access to various unblockable set-ups.
  • Persona moves and projectiles gives her a solid pressure game that can be extended even from full-screen.
  • Access to a very strong projectile (Phoenix Flame Swirl) once she reaches Fire Lv.6.
  • Fans are instruments of the devil and have the honor of being the single most irritating thing in both dreams and reality.
  • Slow normals, weak DP and low health makes her very vulnerable on defense without spending meter.
  • Weak anti-air options.
  • Very Persona reliant.
  • Limited mix-up options without meter or corner.
  • Challenging to play; requires a good understanding of neutral and Persona mechanics to play well.
  • Reaching Fire Lv. 6 takes time and sacrifices pressure or meter to gain levels.

External References

Normal Attacks

5A (Normal)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 300 Any 10 4 20 -11 Body
5AA 400 Any 12 3 12 0 Body
5AAA 800 Any 15 3 27 -13 Body

Yukiko's new standard auto-combo. 5A is relatively the same as it was in P4A.

5AA hits downwards now, making it harder to capitalize aerial hit-confirms with this move but is safer on block. Like the original, 5AA has plenty of options on hit or block, making this very useful for pressure and combos but its shorter range is something to keep in mind as it can whiff on combos or on air opponents.

5AAA works much differently now as it no longer grants soft knockdown on air hit, but leaves the opponent in spin state if grounded. Just like the original, it is very unsafe on block. Due to how spin state works, Yukiko gets a guaranteed, heavy damage unblockable reset with D Maragi if she has Fire Break active. Outside of the meter and burst gain, Fire Break unblockables and as a finisher in extended combos, there are better options than landing 5AAA.

5A (Shadow)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 300 Any 10 4 20 -11 Body
5AA 400 Any 12 5 12 -2 Body
5AAA 800 Any 15 3 23 -9 Body

Yukiko's P4A autocombo now for Shadow Yukiko's disposal. 5A is a fairly quick upwards fan strike. Has a pretty decent hitbox, hits well above her so it can be used as a makeshift anti-air if nothing else better is possible. Slower than most other 5A or 2A normals, but still very useful. Moves Yukiko forward slightly.

5AA is the second upward fan strike in this chain. Hit-box is quite good and hits well above her to confirm air hits. It's relatively safe as well, and has plenty of options on hit or block. 5AA also moves Yukiko forward slightly. You'll be using this a lot to maintain pressure.

5AAA is a slow, downward fan strike. Like all auto-combos, landing 5AAA gives a lot of meter and Burst gauge but has little reward outside of it. You'll mostly use it for the meter gain (which S.Yukiko likes) and as a finisher in extended combos. It provides a soft-knockdown when it hits air opponents, so if you jump cancel this move you can follow up with a j.A/2A mix-up.

5B, 4B, and 6B

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5B 300 Any 13 - 49 Total -14 Chest, Projectile
4B, 6B 400×3 Any 13 - 52 Total -17 Chest, Projectile

A straight forward fan toss. Counts as a projectile. Flies at waist level, so it will hit characters who are crouching. Weak, but reasonably fast and good for helping to zone out the other player. Cancels to 5BB even on whiff. 4B fan travels considerably slower than it did in P4A, allowing Yukiko to keep pace with it, while 6B fan travels noticeably faster.

5BB, 4BB, and 6BB

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

  • Able to followup from 5B from 19F~

A second forward fan toss. Counts as a projectile. Flies at about head level, so it will miss on all characters who are crouching. Useful for zoning and combos, since it has the most hitstun out of all of Yukiko's normals. Just like 4B and 6B, the 4BB and 6BB are much slower and faster respectively in P4AU.

  • 4BB Throws the fans at a slower velocity than normal.
  • 6BB Throws the fans at a faster velocity than normal.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
160 Low 7 2 14 -5 Leg

A very quick, decently ranged low kick that is the fastest grounded normal she has. In P4AU, this move no longer low profiles attacks such as Naoto's bullets and Mitsuru's 5A. Hits low. Chains into itself two more times, and third kick does not cancel into 5A. Seeing as it is faster than 5A, it also has nice range, making a it a very effective normal for Yukiko.

2B, 1B, and 3B

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

Upward fan toss. It is no longer jump cancellable on block, but she can now quickly shoot out two fans before recovering. One of Yukiko's anti-airs, but not as strong as her other options as it is quite punishable on whiff. 1B throws the fan closest to her, and 3B throws it farthest away. Keep in mind that a double jump can completely make the fan whiff, and in some cases leaves Yukiko wide open for a counter, so be careful when using this move. Decent startup with poor recovery (on whiff, otherwise can be canceled to anything on hit) as it did in P4A. Use this move to control your opponent's aerial movement or stop their approach.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 High 10 3 13 - Head

j.A is easily one of her best moves and is incredible in general. Decently fast, amazing hit-box, hits high, and even cancels into itself on hit, whiff, or block, making it very safe and useful in neutral. Great for jump-ins, cross-ups, mix-ups, block-strings or pressure, you name it. Aerial turn j.A is a solid mixup tool to use; just try not to use it too excessively as it isn't prone to anti-airs and leaves her open to airthrows.

j.B, j.4B, and j.6B

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 Any* 12 - 39 Total - Projectile

  • If the fan hits below the waist, it will hit low instead.
  • j.5B throws the fan at a 45 degree angle, j.4B at a 60 degree angle, and j.6B at a 30 degree angle.

A zoning tool of Yukiko in which she tosses a fan from the air. Can be used to punish defense counters and bait rolls. Because of the fan's blockstun, Yukiko can use this to stock on a Fire Boost/Break. Quite advantageous on CH, as Yukiko can choose to Fire Boost, begin her 5AAA Maragi setup, and so forth. Can rapid fire up to two fans. A unique quality of j.B is that it is one of the very few air moves that hits low, although it requires that it hits below the waist of the opponent. You can create some interesting mix-ups or unblockable set-ups with this move although getting j.B to hit low can be difficult at certain angles.

All Out Attack


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 High 33 4 26 -11 Body

Universal Overhead. The hit-box is placed in a circular motion so it hits all around Yukiko. Quite slow and has bad recovery, but it has guard points and moves her forward when attacking. Not a very strong tool of Yukiko at first, but it can come in handy every now and then when the opponent is off-guard or isn't expecting it. This move also works against opponents who assume you will go into the air and try to punish you for it (i.e. Mitsuru's 2D, Labrys' 2B) as well as moves with long recovery (Minazuki's teleport, Adachi's 5B).



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
400 Low 10 5 15 -5 Leg

Universal low. Nice speed and good range. Use this for mixups, pressure, and even blockstrings. It has chest invulnerability, making it very useful in beating out certain moves in an opponent's pressure or offense but keep in mind that it is not fully invulnerable in the start-up and is only invulnerable on moves with chest property, so be careful in using this too much in your defense.

Persona Attacks

5C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
160, 80×8 Any 17 1×9 29 -15 Body

  • Dash Cancel is -10 on block

Konohana-Sakuya comes forth and swings her petal blades while Yukiko strikes a pose. This attack is a bit slow but is good for calling out aerial approaches (as well as then chaining into 214B). You'll mostly use this move for combos and guard strings, though keep in mind this move gives Yukiko a slight opening for attack should this move be blocked, meaning some characters can DP through after they've blocked 5C and you attempt to go for a 2C. In this version, 5C no longer Fatal Counters.

5D, 4D, and 6D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
200, 100×8 Any 37 1×9 39 Total +31 Body

Konohana-Sakuya dashes forward and lifts her petal blades to the sky. It takes time for Yukiko's Persona to reach the opponent, even consider 4D's standards, but this leaves Yukiko with a nice range of options on block (if some characters try to take a card this leaves them open for attack) and launches them high into the air on normal hit. One of Yukiko's strongest Fatal Counter moves, because when this hit lands counter hit, it gives Yukiko the potential to follow-up and unleash a devastating combo. Since the Persona stays in the area it attacked for a little bit, this allows you to follow up with Flame Dance, C Moves, and Agidyne. 4D travels the shortest distance, 5D travels standard distance, and 6D travels the farthest distance. Use this move for opponents who like to jump or roll around a lot.

2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
160, 80×7 Low 15 1×8 32 -18 Leg

  • Dash Cancel is -10 on block

Konohana-Sakuya drops it low while Yukiko poses on the ground. Has farther reach than 5C but as it is a low attack, makes for less of a hitconfirm. You will most likely use this attack for combos and pressure as well, as its range might be good for call-outs now and then.

2D, 1D, and 3D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
400, 200×2 High 53 to the ground (3 hits) 39 Total +48 Head

  • Fatal Counters
  • 2D and 3D have Fatal Recovery.
  • Forces crouching on the first hit.

Konohana-Sakuya rises to the skies, then comes down with the elegance and poise of a refined dancer. This attack forces the opponent to block high, so Yukiko can go for a high/low mixup. It is also a very frustrating attack for the opponent to deal with, as they are forced to block it and respect Yukiko's pressure. They have the option of rolling out (and take a counter throw) or throw out a DP that will leave them wide open. Despite this, the startup is quite long, so keep this in mind when using this move up close and personal OR in some cases, when the opponent has meter (such as Yu's Ziodyne or Akihiko's Maziodyne). 1D travels the shortest distance, 2D standard distance, 3D travels the farthest. One of Yukiko's Fatal Counter attacks.

j.C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
160, 80×5 Any 14 3, 1×6 23 - Head

A very large, fairly decent speed air normal that attacks straight forward for 9 hits. Very good hit-box but it does not hit high. The move is quite good in block-strings to bait out throws or mash attempts, making it very easy to follow up with an SB Agi for a good punish combo. Doing an air-turn j.C extends its range as well, making it very useful in air-to-air combat and halting air approaches. A common tactic in neutral is to do an air-turn back-dash j.C close to the ground, then input 5C, allowing for some surprise punishes or zoning.

j.D, j.4D, and j.6D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

An aerial version of 2D. Relatively the same, but Konohana-Sakuya travels in a smaller distance. Even though 2D and j.D are similar, you'll be using this more in neutral as Yukiko is in the air rather than the ground, making it harder for opponents to simply hit you out of its start-up. j.D is also great at stopping air approaches as it covers more vertical space, and it can create opportunities to pressure your opponent or even some breathing room to land should they choose to respect j.D and block it. Yukiko also stays still until j.D becomes active, making it very useful at baiting anti-airs. Just like 2D it also Fatal Counters.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

C+D or 4C+D

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0, 1100 Throw 5 2 23 - Throw

Yukiko smacks the everloving crap out of the opponent, who spins away from her due to such force. Since it puts the opponent in a spin-state, it allows her to continue pressure or even follow-up the grab with a combo if she's in the corner or if she has meter. While the grab has more recovery (and no longer has the fastest recovery of all the grabs) it now has a start-up of the standard 5 frames instead of 7.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0, 1800 Throw 4 2 17 - Throw

With just a flick of her wrist, she tosses the opponent to the ground and leaves them severely damaged. You can OMB or OMC this to continue your combo. Without OMC or OMB, a general follow up is to use j.D to continue pressure.

Dia Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
100 Any 22 12 24 -21 Body

  • Heals 300 HP on 33F, plus additional 10 HP per frame after 38F. Able to hold button to continue healing and to block projectiles.

Universal DP, though Yukiko's has several notable features. Once active, if the opponent is hit, a low-damage attack will be performed, leaving the opponent across the screen. While Dia is not particularly damaging, it does create quite a bit of distance between Yukiko and an opponent, and if near the corner, the opponent will be knocked into the corner, allowing Yukiko to begin offence. Dia is completely invincible until after active frames. As with almost all other DPs, you can cancel Dia into a super on hit or block. However, the move is very unsafe on block or whiff, has poor horizontal range, and is fairly slow, so use cautiously, as with any reversal.

Additionally, you can hold B+D and Yukiko will continuously heal herself until button release. Dia will block all projectiles, regardless of their strength, for the duration; this includes Teddie's Amagiya buckets, Narukami's Zio and Ziodyne, Yukari's 5B and 2B, etc. However, while Dia nulls projectile damage to Yukiko herself, the projectile attack is considered to have been blocked (not whiffed), so an opponent retains all "on block" cancel options (such as One More! cancels, jump and dash cancels, etc.). Additionally, you may only hold Dia for 15 seconds per round; after the limit has been reached, you will no longer be able to extend the length of Dia, though you are still free to use it as a DP.

While Dia does cause Blue Life damage to Yukiko, like all Furious Actions, it is possible to negate this by extending Dia to recover life. If you successfully hit the opponent with the attack and continue to hold B+D, you may gain enough HP to offset the 4.5% HP transformed into Blue Health, effectively giving you "more" heath.

Guard Cancel Attack


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

Fairly standard Guard Cancel. As it is the same motion as her 5AAA strike, this move pretty slow and kind of easy to see coming, so perhaps Guard Roll would be a better option for Yukiko than this move. Still, this move has a larger hit-box than most Guard Cancels and gets the job done in terms of defensive options.

Skill Attacks

Agi Persona Required

236A/B (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A ground 300, 600 Any 13, 27 3, 15 60 Total -12 Body; Projectile
B ground 300, 600 Any 13, 27 3, 15 47 Total +1 Body; Projectile
SB ground 500, 600, 600 Any 27, 45, 45 3, 15, 15 42 Total +24 Body; Projectile; Projectile
A/B air 300, 600 Any 12, 26 3, 15 53 Total - Projectile
SB air 500, 600, 600 Any 21, 39, 39 3, 15, 15 56 Total - Body; Projectile; Projectile

  • If held long enough (about 1.5 seconds?), Agi will explode twice instead of once.

Konohana Sakuya does a very fast upward swing that hits, and then briefly places a small fire setup effect on the screen. This fire setup will explode when the button is released, causing a single hit of fire damage. Due to the fact that you can choose when to detonate the fire, this allows Yukiko all sorts of interesting combo, mixup, and pressure tricks. A typical strategy is to finish a combo with this move, then allow the opponent to tech without detonating the fire. This way, you can use the threat of the fire to allow you to setup mixups, or give you breathing time to setup keep away, or allow for you to use Fire Boost. In this version, Konohana Sakuya will attack next to Yukiko regardless of where she was before Agi was casted, making it less useful in long range pressure. Agi also got changed in that holding the fireball for certain period of time will cause it to detonate twice, making it easier to confirm or set up unblockable situations. Lastly, the fireballs are slightly higher than they were in P4A.

A Version: The initial hit does not push the opponent away very far, and the fire is setup just in front of Konohana Sakuya. Useful for combos and pressure where you want to keep the opponent close to you.

B Version: The initial hit knocks the opponent back, the whole way across the screen, and the fire is placed at almost full screen distance, in front of the opponent. Not nearly as strong as it was in P4A since the fireball is not directly on top of the opponent but still Useful for combos or keep away, where you want the opponent as far away from you as possible.

SB Version: Much slower start-up but is highly advantageous on block and sets up two fireballs instead of one, one for each button. This move has changed drastically compared the other versions, as only one fireball tracks the opponent's position, with the other fireball being at the position A Agi would be. Those who were used to P4A's SB Agi might need to adjust as the fireball that tracks is the B fireball, making it very possible for the B fireball to be closer. SB Agi combos and set ups are still useful but will require adjustment due to the changes. Due to its slow start-up it does require certain confirms in order for SB Agi to hit.

Air Versions: More or less identical to the ground versions, except they have less recovery. Good for pretty much all the same things as the ground versions. Air SB version is also faster than ground version.

Maragi Persona Required

236C/D, then C/D again

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 500, 800 Low, Any 38 75(9)30 50 Total +12 Projectile, Leg; Projectile
D 500, 800 Low, Any 31 Full-screen(9)30 59 Total -4 Projectile, Leg; Projectile
SB (500, 800)*2 Low, Any 31 75(9)30/Full-screen(9)30 46 Total +9 Projectile, Leg; Projectile

  • Upon contact with opponent, attack starts up in 10F.
  • D Maragi has Fatal Recovery

Konohana Sakuya sends a flame wave along the ground, which hits low. By default, the flame will travel forward and explode into a fire column if it makes contact with the opponent. However, you can also manually detonate the flame wave by pressing C or D. You can also detonate it by holding C or D as you use Maragi and then release the button to detonate it, although it must be done when you use the move, otherwise the only way to manually detonate it is to press C or D. The fire column has a very large vertical hit-box, does very substantial damage, and causes a very long amount of hit stun. The hit-box, along with being able to manually detonate the wave, allows Maragi to be used as a powerful zoning and anti-air tool. And due to the damage and hit-stun it causes, it can be very powerful for starting combos, and being used in the middle of them. Very good special move overall, but the slow start-up is something that must be considered when using it. It also can be at very large frame advantage on block, depending on how close it is blocked to Yukiko, so it can also be useful for starting pressure or mix-ups.

C Version: Projectile travels slowly. Slower start-up, but faster recovery. Travels much more slowly in P4AU, allowing Yukiko to keep in pace with it.

D Version: Projectile travels quickly. Faster start-up, but slower recovery. Good against opponents that are far away from you but dangerous if used up close due to Fatal Recovery.

SB Version: Fires both C and D versions at the same time. You can detonate each of the waves by pressing their respective buttons. Has the same startup as the D version would but has faster recovery than the C version. Considerable to use in neutral as opponents have to account for two projectiles instead of one.

Flame Dance Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 300, 500 Any 11, 21 2(8)5 19 -3 Body; Projectile, Chest
B 300, 600 Any 17, 29 2(10)5 21 -5 Body; Projectile, Chest
SB 600, 600 Any 11, 21 2(8)5 12 Total +4 Body; Projectile, Chest

One of Yukiko's new moves, Konohana Sakuya spins forward, dealing two hits and knocking opponents away. Very useful special that extends Yukiko's combos and block-strings. Since Konohana Sakuya uses Flame Dance based on where her position is, you can extend combos even from full-screen away with this move. Yukiko also moves back when she uses this move, giving her even more space throw fans, use her Persona, or use Fire Break or Boost. Despite, what the Frame Data states, B and SB versions have a very high P1 proration, making them terrible starters. At most you can only get a 5C > 214A follow-up. Also, due to their high SMP prorations you typically do not want to use a second B Flame Dance or second SB Flame Dance in the same combo (having a B version and SB version in the same combo is fine though).

A Version: The A version is mostly used as a combo or block-string finisher, as she generally cannot follow up from this move outside of supers. It's fast though, and it can be used to create some distance in a block-string to prevent retaliation.

B version: The B version is great for combos as it can be followed up with 2C or 5C but it depends on specific confirms to combo into due to its slower start-up. Typically you can only combo into it from, but not limited to, crouching opponents, airborne opponents (if they're high enough), counter-hit 5C or 2C starters and fatal counters.

SB version: The SB version gets the best of both worlds, having fast recovery, doing more damage, being advantageous on block and also capable of extending combos where the B version could not. The move is good for frame-traps and even lets you convert random hits from your Persona full-screen away, easily making it worth spending 25 SP.

Phoenix Flame Swirl Persona Required

214214A/B (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A ground 2040 Any 29 Full-screen 69 Total -21 Projectile
B ground 2040 Any 37 Full-screen 70 Total -14 Projectile
SB ground 2040 Any 24 Full-screen 51 Total -8 Projectile
A air 2040 Any 31 Full-screen 46 Total - Projectile
B air 2040 Any 39 Full-screen 61 Total - Projectile
SB air 2040 Any 26 Full-screen 36 Total - Projectile

An exclusive move for Yukiko once she Fire Boosts to level 6. Yukiko starts up in a fashion similar to her IK and sends her Persona in full flames across the screen. Can also be used in the air, which has faster startup and makes it trickier to anticipate. This move is mostly used in combo strings (most likely as a staple), but can also be used as an effective zoning tool. Nullifies all projectiles. This move doesn't have any invul. startup whatsoever (unless used with S-Hold, which grants Yukiko FULL invincibility from start to finish), so it isn't really recommend to throw out this move up close.

A Version: Startup is decent as well as Konohana-Sakuya's speed.

B Version: Startup is slower, and Konohana-Sakuya's speed a bit decreased as well. This is meant to bait rolls as well as extend combo strings

SB Version: The best version as it has faster startup AND speed, though it can be rolled past with no problem. It is recommended to keep this move in mind on if Fire Break is on, because you can pressure the enemy to keep on their toes, stay weary of this move at all times, and potentially connect with 5AAA into the unblockable Maragi setup.

Air Versions: Slightly faster startup. Can extend into a combo on hit.

Fire Boost Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
- - - - 41 Total - -

  • Levels up fire counter by 1. At Level 6 she gains access to Phoenix Flame Swirl (214214A/B).

After a short pose, Yukiko gains a Fire Level, which increases the damage of all attacks that deal Fire damage. No longer gives Blue Life in P4AU. In P4A, Fire levels were typically not worth investing since her BnB combos did not have fire moves in them. In Ultimax and the addition of Flame Dance and Phoenix Flame Swirl, she has more reason to charge up her Fire levels as many of her basic combos now incorporate fire moves. At Level 6 she gains access to a new projectile, along with the damage boosts she gains.

Fire Amp Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
- - - - 55 Total - -

  • Levels up fire counter by 2.

More or less identical to Fire Boost, except that it's faster and gives two fire levels at the cost of 25 SP.

Fire Break Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
- - - - 31 Total - -

  • Fatal Recovery
  • The following moves are considered fire moves and can become unblockable: Agi (Explosion), Maragi, Flame Dance, Phoenix Flame Swirl, Agidyne, Maragidyne.

After a decent length pose, Yukiko gains Fire Break. This causes the next Fire Damage based move used to become unblockable. Fire Break will remain ready until Yukiko uses it, but after using an unblockable move, she will have a 15 second cooldown during which she cannot use Fire Break again (time remaining indicated by a meter above her SP bar). In P4AU she no longer gets Blue Life when using Fire Break.

Note that moves already on screen DO NOT gain the unblockable property. Fire Break will take effect on the NEXT fire attack used. If an Agi is setup AFTER Fire Break is used, that Agi will have the unblockable property once released, but the cooldown timer will immediately begin as soon as the Agi is placed.

With her new auto-combo and other new moves, Fire Break is even more dangerous than it was before. When you have Fire Break active opponents will start to be more cautious and attempt to minimize the benefits you get from Fire Break, such as avoiding the auto-combo reset or forcing you to use your charge on something less powerful. Regardless, it is a very powerful tool in Yukiko's arsenal and you should have it up when you can. Note that it has Fatal Recovery, so make sure you cast Fire Break when you know you won't get hit.

SP Skill Attacks

Agidyne Persona Required

236236C/D (Chargeable)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C, no charge 1400 Any 4+17 Full-screen 71 Total -25 Projectile
C, partial charge 100, 50×n, 1700 Any 4+23 n(8)Full-screen 51F after release -25 Projectile
C, full charge 100, 50×12, 2000 Any 4+23 75(8)Full-screen 39F after release -4 Projectile
D, no charge 150, 75×4, 1400 Any 4+11 27 (5 hits)(8)Full-screen 51F after release -57 Projectile
D, partial charge 150, 75×n, 1700 Any 4+11 n(8)Full-screen 51F after release - Projectile
D, full charge 150, 75×14, 1400 Any 4+11 87 (15 hits)(8)Full-screen 39 after release -105 Projectile
SB, no charge 1400, 1400 Any 4+17 Full-screen 89 Total -32 Projectile
SB, partial charge 100, 50, 1700, 1700 Any 4+23 n(8)Full-screen 51F after release -32 Projectile
SB, full charge 100, 50, 2000, 2000 Any 4+23 75 (13 hits)(8)Full-screen 39F after release -20 Projectile

A super in which Yukiko summons Konohana-Sakuya, who gracefully enraptures the opponent in her fire spin and then propels them away with a fireball finish. By holding any button you can prolong the spin until she launches the fireball finish. It is now possible to move Konohana-Sakuya around as she spins, so if you perform this move while on Fire Break, it'll be hard for the opponent to deal with. It has invincible startup frames so you can use it punish certain moves, supers, and even Instant Kills.

C Version:This version is slower and is grounded. Useful in the corner as the hit-stun from the fireball allows you to set up 2D or Fire Break. Unlike P4A, if the opponent is on the other side away from Agidyne, the fireball no longer tracks to the enemy's position and will instead just release the fireball on the side it is on.

D Version:This version is faster and takes her opponents upward when it hits. The move does not take opponents upward when blocked or if it whiffs, making Yukiko vulnerable to any counter attack if it misses. As such, it is generally not used outside of finishing combos.

SB Version:It functions mostly the same as the C version except that it throws two fireballs instead of one. SB Agidyne's second fireball does track to the enemy's position, making it hard to punish.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks

Maragidyne Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C/D 400×n Any 19+11 5* (per pillar) 65 Total +76 Projectile
SB 450, 225×9 Any 19+9 10 (10 hits) 89 Total -26 Projectile

Yukiko's Awakening super in which she summons flame pillars to overwhelm the opponent. Should Yukiko stock up on Fire Boosts or has Fire Break on, this super is DEADLY scary. Since it has invincible startup frames you can use it to whiff and punish enemy attacks, or as an oki tool as it forces the opponent to block the pillars allowing you to go for an overhead, AoA, etc.

C Version: The fire columns start from Yukiko's current position and travel away from her. Useful to get opponents off of you or if you want to play keep away. If used as a reversal, note that opponents can time a grab or jump to dodge it completely.

D Version The fire columns start at the far end of the screen and travel inwards, pulling the opponent towards Yukiko. Since it moves the opponent close to you it can be very useful in setting up pressure or unblockables close range. If you're backed to a corner this is a great way to get a side swap and force them into the corner. Easy to combo into from B Agi and all versions of Flame Dance.

SB Version The pillars all come out at once and cover the entire screen. With Fire Break this move can make for a deadly finisher, although opponents can use a reversal or roll through it and come out unscathed. Unlike the other versions, if Yukiko is hit the flame pillars immediately disappear.

Instant Kill

Full Bloom Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
K.O. Any 36+16 4 66 -50 Body

Yukiko's Instant Kill. Just like in P4A, Yukiko calls upon her Persona to summon a lethal myriad of cherry blossom petals to whisk her opponent into blissful oblivion. Has slightly more horizontal range now, and because of that fact, it is no longer possible to IK an opponent who reversal bursts right next to you. In order to fully IK the bursted opponent, now you will have to make sure you are spaced well away from your opponent (within 5A hitbox range) for it to work. The move is still useful for punishing moves with long recovery such as Rise's Furious Action and Kanji's A+B (sweep).


To edit frame data, edit values in P4AU/Yukiko Amagi/Data.